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Review Article

Established paths and new avenues: a review of the main radiological techniques for investigating sarcopenia
Chiara Giraudo, Annachiara Cavaliere, Amalia Lupi, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Emilio Quaia

Letter to the Editor

CT cinematic rendering for glomus jugulare tumor with intracranial extension
Dario Baldi, Liberatore Tramontano, Bruna Punzo, Mario Orsini, Carlo Cavaliere
“Sixteen syndrome”—a new pontine ophthalmo-neurological syndrome within the one-and-a-half syndrome spectrum of disorders: case report and literature review
Baodong Li, Jia Song, Yuman Zhang, Ce Qi

Editorial Commentary

Assessing a recent South Korean cohort study of cancer risk following diagnostic radiation exposure at younger ages
Jasmine McBain-Miller, Katrina J. Scurrah, John D. Mathews
Reduced iodinated contrast media dose and injection speed for CT: how much does this decrease the risk of a hypersensitivity reactions?
Knut Brockow
Lung cancer screening: how do we make it better?
David O. Wilson, Juan Pablo de Torres
Advanced liver imaging using MR to predict outcomes in chronic liver disease: a shift from morphology to function liver assessment
Francesco Verde, Valeria Romeo, Simone Maurea

Original Article

ADAPTIVE-NET: deep computed tomography reconstruction network with analytical domain transformation knowledge
Yongshuai Ge, Ting Su, Jiongtao Zhu, Xiaolei Deng, Qiyang Zhang, Jianwei Chen, Zhanli Hu, Hairong Zheng, Dong Liang
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) features of cataracts in pediatric and young adult patients
Elie Barakat, Daniel Thomas Ginat
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Kinetic modeling and analysis of dynamic bioluminescence imaging of substrates administered by intraperitoneal injection
Yunpeng Dai, Duofang Chen, Guodong Wang, Jipeng Yin, Yonghua Zhan, Kaichun Wu, Jimin Liang, Xueli Chen
Consensus approach for 3D joint space width of metacarpophalangeal joints of rheumatoid arthritis patients using high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography
Kathryn S. Stok, Andrew J. Burghardt, Stephanie Boutroy, Michiel P. H. Peters, Sarah L. Manske, Vincent Stadelmann, Nicolas Vilayphiou, Joop P. van den Bergh, Piet Geusens, Xiaojuan Li, Hubert Marotte, Bert van Rietbergen, Steven K. Boyd, Cheryl Barnabe, for the SPECTRA Collaboration
Implant placement accuracy in total knee arthroplasty: validation of a CT-based measurement technique
Valentina Campanelli, Rocio Lozano, Hosna Akhlaghpour, Abheetinder S. Brar, David Maislin, Alexander J. Nedopil, Joel Zuhars
Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) ischemic volume is related to FLAIR hyperintensity-DWI mismatch and functional outcome after endovascular therapy
Liang Jiang, Mingyang Peng, Huiyou Chen, Wen Geng, Boxiang Zhao, Xindao Yin, Yu-Chen Chen, Haobo Su
Volumetric cine magnetic resonance imaging (VC-MRI) using motion modeling, free-form deformation and multi-slice undersampled 2D cine MRI reconstructed with spatio-temporal low-rank decomposition
Wendy Harris, Fang-Fang Yin, Jing Cai, Lei Ren
Spatial density and diversity of architectural histology in prostate cancer: influence on diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging
Stephanie A. Harmon, G. Thomas Brown, Thomas Sanford, Sherif Mehralivand, Joanna H. Shih, Sheng Xu, Maria J. Merino, Peter L. Choyke, Peter A. Pinto, Bradford J. Wood, Jesse K. McKenney, Baris Turkbey
The effect of ApoE ε 4 on clinical and structural MRI markers in prodromal Alzheimer’s disease
Chunhua Zhang, Min Kong, Hongchun Wei, Hua Zhang, Guozhao Ma, Maowen Ba, for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging
The value of quantified plaque analysis by dual-source coronary CT angiography to detect vulnerable plaques: a comparison study with intravascular ultrasound
Mingyuan Yuan, Hao Wu, Rongxian Li, Mengmeng Yu, Xu Dai, Jiayin Zhang
Chest computed tomography semi-quantitative pleural effusion and pulmonary consolidation are early predictors of acute pancreatitis severity
Rong Peng, Ling Zhang, Ze-Ming Zhang, Zhi-Qing Wang, Guang-Yu Liu, Xiao-Ming Zhang
Left ventricular myocardial deformation: a study on diastolic function in the Chinese male population and its relationship with fat distribution
Lan Zhu, Shengjia Gu, Qingrou Wang, Xiaoyue Zhou, Simin Wang, Caixia Fu, Wenjie Yang, Jens Wetzl, Fuhua Yan
Regional variation in paraspinal muscle composition using chemical shift encoding-based water-fat MRI
Nico Sollmann, Agnes Zoffl, Daniela Franz, Jan Syväri, Michael Dieckmeyer, Egon Burian, Elisabeth Klupp, Dennis M. Hedderich, Christina Holzapfel, Theresa Drabsch, Jan S. Kirschke, Ernst J. Rummeny, Claus Zimmer, Hans Hauner, Dimitrios C. Karampinos, Thomas Baum
Development and assessment of an individualized nomogram to predict colorectal cancer liver metastases
Mingyang Li, Xueyan Li, Yu Guo, Zheng Miao, Xiaoming Liu, Shuxu Guo, Huimao Zhang
Optically tracked and 3D printed haptic phantom hand for surgical training system
Johannes Maier, Maximilian Weiherer, Michaela Huber, Christoph Palm
Systemic ventricular strain and torsion are predictive of elevated serum NT-proBNP in Fontan patients: a magnetic resonance study
Li-Wei Hu, Xin-Rong Liu, Qian Wang, Gregory P. Barton, Rong-Zhen Ouyang, Ai-Min Sun, Chen Guo, Tong-Tong Han, Xiao-Fen Yao, Christopher J. François, Yu-Min Zhong