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Review Article

Established paths and new avenues: a review of the main radiological techniques for investigating sarcopenia
Chiara Giraudo, Annachiara Cavaliere, Amalia Lupi, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Emilio Quaia
Fat and bone: the multiperspective analysis of a close relationship
Maria Pilar Aparisi Gómez, Carmen Ayuso Benavent, Paolo Simoni, Francisco Aparisi, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Alberto Bazzocchi
MRI in the assessment of adipose tissues and muscle composition: how to use it
Florian Alexander Huber, Filippo Del Grande, Stefania Rizzo, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Roman Guggenberger
Muscle mass assessment in renal disease: the role of imaging techniques
Alice Sabatino, Claudia D’Alessandro, Giuseppe Regolisti, Francesca di Mario, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Alberto Bazzocchi, Enrico Fiaccadori

Original Article

Association of adipose tissue and skeletal muscle metrics with overall survival and postoperative complications in soft tissue sarcoma patients: an opportunistic study using computed tomography
Robert D. Boutin, Jeremy R. Katz, Abhijit J. Chaudhari, Jonathan G. Yabes, Jonah S. Hirschbein, Yves-Paul Nakache, J. Anthony Seibert, Ramit Lamba, Ghaneh Fananapazir, Robert J. Canter, Leon Lenchik
Predicting clinically significant prostate cancer from quantitative image features including compressed sensing radial MRI of prostate perfusion using machine learning: comparison with PI- RADS v2 assessment scores
David Jean Winkel, Hanns-Christian Breit, Bibo Shi, Daniel T. Boll, Hans-Helge Seifert, Christian Wetterauer
Interactive effects of gender and sexual orientation on cortical thickness, surface area and gray matter volume: a structural brain MRI study
Dandan Wang, Lu Han, Caixi Xi, Yi Xu, Jianbo Lai, Shaojia Lu, Manli Huang, Jianbo Hu, Ning Wei, Weijuan Xu, Weihua Zhou, Qiaoqiao Lu, Hongjian He, Shaohua Hu
Focus on the annuloplasty in aortic valve repair: implications from a quantitative multislice computed tomography analysis
Niklas Neumann, Johannes Petersen, Christoph Sinning, Tatiana Sequeira-Gross, Niklas Schofer, Hermann Reichenspurner, Evaldas Girdauskas
Correlation analysis between femoral trochlear dysplasia and anterior cruciate ligament injury based on CT measurement
Mengyu Chen, Le Qin, Mei Li, Ji Shen