Article Abstract

Parameter estimation in arterial spin labeling MRI: Comparing the four phase model and the buxton model with fourier transform

Authors: Jim Ji, Vincent Pham, Xiao-Ping Zhu, Ka-loh Li


This paper presents a comparison between two algorithms that analyze and extract brain perfusion parameters from pulsed arterial spin labeling (ASL) MRI images. One algorithm is based on a Four Phase Single Capillary Stepwise (FPSCS) model, which divides the time course of the signal difference between the control and labeled images into four phases. The other algorithm utilizes the Buxton model and Fourier transformation (FTB). Both algorithms were implemented on MATLAB to extract the bolus arrival time (BAT) and the cerebral blood flow (CBF). In-vivo brain MRI images acquired at 4T from health volunteers were used in the comparison. Results indicated that the FTB algorithm had similar estimations of the BAT and CBF compared to the FPSCS model when the time signals are sufficiently sampled, but the former had faster processing speed while the FPSCS method provides additional information.