Percutaneous mechanical atherothrombectomy using the Rotarex®S device in peripheral artery in-stent restenosis or occlusion: a French retrospective multicenter study on 128 patients

Romaric Loffroy, Nizam Edriss, Gilles Goyault, Alain Chabanier, Jean-Marc Pernes, Antoine Sauguet, Mehdi Touil, Bernard Woerly, Dionyssios Pongas, Olivier Chevallier, Nicolas Falvo, Christophe Galland, Marco Midulla, Nathalie Garnier, Marie-Pierre Guenfoudi, Mathieu Boulin, Serge Aho-Gléglé, Stéphanie Bost


Background: To ascertain the safety and mid-term outcomes of Rotarex®S rotational atherectomy plus thrombectomy device (Straub Medical AG, Wangs, Switzerland) with or without adjunctive treatment (e.g., percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, PTA/drug-coated balloon, DCB/stenting) in patients with in-stent restenosis (ISR) or occlusion in the iliac and/or infrainguinal arteries.
Methods: French multicenter retrospective study of all patients treated by in-stent percutaneous mechanical debulking (PMD) of the lower limbs with Rotarex®S device between January 2013 and November 2018.
Results: The cohort consisted of 128 patients (88 men and 40 women), aged 39–94 years (mean, 66.7±12 years). All patients presented with cardio-vascular risk factors. Overall, 51.5% of patients had critical limb ischemia. The study demonstrated a technical success of 96.9% in the population with PMD and adjunctive PTA (95/128, 74.2%) or adjunctive DCB (16/128, 12.5%) or both (13/128, 10.2%). At 12-months follow-up, the primary clinical success/patency rate was 92.3% and the secondary clinical success/patency rate was 91.4%. Rate of limb salvage was 93.7%. Overall 32 (25%) reinterventions were reported with mean time from Rotarex®S treatment to reintervention of 7.1±8.2 months. Target lesion revascularization (TLR) was 19.5% (25/128). Seven (5.5%) patients developed distal embolism that responded to endovascular treatment. At mean follow-up, major adverse events (MAE) observed were death (18/128, 14.1%), myocardial infarction (MI) (9/128, 7.0%), stroke (2/128, 1.6%) and renal failure (3/128, 2.3%).
Conclusions: Recanalization with Rotarex®S rotational atherectomy plus thrombectomy device is a practical choice for arterial ISR/occlusions of the iliac and/or infrainguinal arteries, regardless of the age of the thrombus, with satisfying TLR. Only adjunctive PTA is often necessary to further improve the recanalization.