Body Composition Imaging

Posted On 2020-07-28 01:37:33

Special issue on “Body Composition Imaging” is edited by Dr. Giuseppe Guglielmi, from Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Foggia University School of Medicine, Foggia, Italy; Dr. Alberto Bazzocchi, from Department of Radiology, Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli, Bologna, Italy.

Body composition imaging
Giuseppe Guglielmi, Alberto Bazzocchi

Original Article
Association of adipose tissue and skeletal muscle metrics with overall survival and postoperative complications in soft tissue sarcoma patients: an opportunistic study using computed tomography
Robert D. Boutin, Jeremy R. Katz, Abhijit J. Chaudhari, Jonathan G. Yabes, Jonah S. Hirschbein, Yves-Paul Nakache, J. Anthony Seibert, Ramit Lamba, Ghaneh Fananapazir, Robert J. Canter, Leon Lenchik

Age-related fatty infiltration of lumbar paraspinal muscles: a normative reference database study in 516 Chinese females
Xianjing Peng, Xintong Li, Zhengyang Xu, Ling Wang, Wei Cai, Shuai Yang, Weihua Liao, Xiaoguang Cheng

Review Article
Established paths and new avenues: a review of the main radiological techniques for investigating sarcopenia
Chiara Giraudo, Annachiara Cavaliere, Amalia Lupi, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Emilio Quaia

Fat and bone: the multiperspective analysis of a close relationship
Maria Pilar Aparisi Gómez, Carmen Ayuso Benavent, Paolo Simoni, Francisco Aparisi, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Alberto Bazzocchi

MRI in the assessment of adipose tissues and muscle composition: how to use it
Florian Alexander Huber, Filippo Del Grande, Stefania Rizzo, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Roman Guggenberger

Artificial intelligence, radiomics and other horizons in body composition assessment
Simona Attanasio, Sara Maria Forte, Giuliana Restante, Michela Gabelloni, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Emanuele Neri

Imaging of body composition in children
Paolo Simoni, Riccardo Guglielmi, Maria Pilar Aparisi Gómez

Muscle mass assessment in renal disease: the role of imaging techniques
Alice Sabatino, Claudia D’Alessandro, Giuseppe Regolisti, Francesca di Mario, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Alberto Bazzocchi, Enrico Fiaccadori

Body composition with dual energy X-ray absorptiometry: from basics to new tools
Carmelo Messina, Domenico Albano, Salvatore Gitto, Laura Tofanelli, Alberto Bazzocchi, Fabio Massimo Ulivieri, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Luca Maria Sconfienza

Ultrasound imaging, a stethoscope for body composition assessment
Federico Ponti, Antonio De Cinque, Nicola Fazio, Alessandro Napoli, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Alberto Bazzocchi

Radiation protection in non-ionizing and ionizing body composition assessment procedures
Samantha Cornacchia, Luciana La Tegola, Arcangela Maldera, Elena Pierpaoli, Umberto Tupputi, Giovanni Ricatti, Laura Eusebi, Sergio Salerno, Giuseppe Guglielmi

This focused issue “Body composition imaging” was commissioned by the editorial office, Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery without any sponsorship or funding. Giuseppe Guglielmi and Alberto Bazzocchi served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the focused issue.