Residual aneurysm after metal coils treatment detected by spectral CT

Yang Wang, Xiaolei Gao, Aixun Nu, Zhengyang Zhou, Baoxin Li, Bin Zhu


Digital subtraction angiography (DSA) is currently the gold standard for diagnosing the residue or recurrence of aneurysm after treatment, especially in the presence of metal coils. However, DSA is an invasive procedure which may cause additional trauma and economic burden to patients. Spectral CT imaging, as a newly introduced CT imaging mode, produces monochromatic image sets that is able to reduce beam-hardening and other metal-related artifacts, and has found its use in several clinical applications including brain imaging to reduce beam-hardening artifacts. In this study, we describe a case of spectral CT imaging in follow-up of the metal coils treatment and detection of a small leaf of residual aneurysm after metal coils treatment.