A large ameloblastic fibro - odontoma in the mandible

Xian-Jun Zeng, Li Zhou, Qian Liao, Hong-Han Gong


Ameloblastic Fibro-Odontoma (AFO) is a rare benign hybrid odontogenic tumor. AFO is most common in children and adolescents aged under 20 years, and is usually small. This report describes a 47-year-old man with a pathologically proved large AFO originated from the mandible. The tumor’s largest dimension is 20 cm. Plain CT showed a well-circumscribed expansile mass with multiloculated scrotiform osteolytic lesions in the mandible, with linear and patchy calcification and ossification. CT 3D reconstruction revealed the mandible appeared honeycombed. On T1W and T2W MR images, cystic low-density components on CT appeared high-signal, while calcification and ossification appeared low-signal.