Vol 5, No 1 (February 2015): Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery (Emerging Technologies in Biomedical Imaging)

Original Article

A polarization-sensitive light field imager for multi-channel angular spectroscopy of light scattering in biological tissues
Rongwen Lu, Qiuxiang Zhang, Yanan Zhi, Xincheng Yao
Ultrasound modulated optical tomography contrast enhancement with non-linear oscillation of microbubbles
Haowen Ruan, Melissa L. Mather, Stephen P. Morgan
Image segmentation for integrated multiphoton microscopy and reflectance confocal microscopy imaging of human skin in vivo
Guannan Chen, Harvey Lui, Haishan Zeng
Longitudinal label-free optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy of tumor angiogenesis in vivo
Riqiang Lin, Jianhua Chen, Huina Wang, Meng Yan, Wei Zheng, Liang Song
Nonlinear optical microscopy for immunoimaging: a custom optimized system of high-speed, large-area, multicolor imaging
Hui Li, Quan Cui, Zhihong Zhang, Ling Fu, Qingming Luo
Imaging endocervical mucus anatomy and dynamics in macaque female reproductive track using optical coherence tomography
Siyu Chen, Ji Yi, Biqin Dong, Cheng Sun, Patrick F. Kiser, Thomas J. Hope, Hao F. Zhang
The application of backscattered ultrasound and photoacoustic signals for assessment of bone collagen and mineral contents
Bahman Lashkari, Lifeng Yang, Andreas Mandelis
Tripling the detection view of high-frequency linear-array-based photoacoustic computed tomography by using two planar acoustic reflectors
Guo Li, Jun Xia, Kun Wang, Konstantin Maslov, Mark A. Anastasio, Lihong V. Wang
In vivo imaging rhodopsin distribution in the photoreceptors with nano-second pulsed scanning laser ophthalmoscopy
Tan Liu, Xiaojing Liu, Rong Wen, Byron L. Lam, Shuliang Jiao
Real-time automated thickness measurement of the in vivo human tympanic membrane using optical coherence tomography
Zita Hubler, Nathan D. Shemonski, Ryan L. Shelton, Guillermo L. Monroy, Ryan M. Nolan, Stephen A. Boppart
Image reconstruction of the absorption coefficients with l1-norm minimization from photoacoustic measurements
Shinpei Okawa, Takeshi Hirasawa, Toshihiro Kushibiki, Miya Ishihara
Assessment of oxygen saturation in retinal vessels of normal subjects and diabetic patients with and without retinopathy using Flow Oximetry System
Mohamed A. Ibrahim, Rachel E. Annam, Yasir J. Sepah, Long Luu, Millena G. Bittencourt, Hyun S. Jang, Paul Lemaillet, Beatriz Munoz, Donald D. Duncan, Sheila West, Quan Dong Nguyen, Jessica C. Ramella-Roman
Cranial window implantation on mouse cortex to study microvascular change induced by cocaine
Kicheon Park, Jiang You, Congwu Du, Yingtian Pan
High-resolution harmonic motion imaging (HR-HMI) for tissue biomechanical property characterization
Teng Ma, Xuejun Qian, Chi Tat Chiu, Mingyue Yu, Hayong Jung, Yao-Sheng Tung, K. Kirk Shung, Qifa Zhou
Real-time epidural anesthesia guidance using optical coherence tomography needle probe
Qinggong Tang, Chia-Pin Liang, Kyle Wu, Anthony Sandler, Yu Chen
Algorithms for improved 3-D reconstruction of live mammalian embryo vasculature from optical coherence tomography data
Prathamesh M. Kulkarni, Nicolas Rey-Villamizar, Amine Merouane, Narendran Sudheendran, Shang Wang, Monica Garcia, Irina V. Larina, Badrinath Roysam, Kirill V. Larin
Quantitative evaluation of SOCS-induced optical clearing efficiency of skull
Yang Zhang, Chao Zhang, Xiewei Zhong, Dan Zhu

Original Article

Optical cryoimaging of mitochondrial redox state in bronchopulmonary-dysplasia injury models in mice lungs
Mohammad MasoudiMotlagh, Reyhaneh Sepehr, Nader Sheibani, Christine M. Sorenson, Mahsa Ranji
Anterior segment optical coherence tomography evaluation of ocular graft-versus-host disease: a case study
Peng Li, Yichen Sun, Sepideh Hariri, Zhehai Zhou, Yoshihiro Inamoto, Stephanie J. Lee, Tueng T. Shen, Ruikang K. Wang


This focused issue “Emerging Technologies in Biomedical Imaging” was commissioned by the editorial office, Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery without any sponsorship or funding. Ruikang Wang served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the focused issue.