Benign fibrous histocytoma of femur: a case report

Wen Chen, Tao Gu


Benign fibrous histocytoma (BFH) is a rare benign tumor, commonly occurs in soft tissues with very few cases in bone recorded. BFH of bone usually occurs in patients after the age of 20 years and often locates in the epiphysis or diaphysis of tubular bones, especially the femur and tibia. Herein we report a case of BFH of femur. The radiography and CT scan revealed a well-defined unilocular osteolytic lesion in the left proximal femur with marginal sclerosis. MRI showed that the lesion was isointense on T1WI, heterogeneous hyperintense on fat-saturated T2WI, with hypointense ring in circumference. Intralesional curettage was performed. At pathological examination, the tumor was consisted of spindle-shaped cells and scattered histocytic cells. The final diagnosis of BFH was established.