Taigang He, PhD

Senior Lecturer of Cardiovascular Imaging Cardiovascular, Science Research Centre St George's, University of London Cranmer Terrace, London SW17 0RE, UK

Taigang He joined St George's as a senior lecturer of cardiovascular imaging in March 2013. He is now an honorary senior lecturer of biomedical engineering at Imperial College London.

For the previous decade, he had worked as a research fellow in the cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) research group at the National Heart and Lung Institute, part of Imperial College London and based at the Royal Brompton Hospital. From 2003 onwards, he helped to develop novel investigational techniques using magnetic resonance technology, and was involved with mathematical modelling, image processing, software development and clinical trials.

When he first joined Imperial, Dr He worked for a year at Hammersmith Hospital (2002-2003) where he focused on developing innovative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques for the brain and musculoskeletal system. He was involved in pioneering work that enabled the detection of ultra-short T2 components in tissue to aid diagnosis, as well as 3D image reconstruction and medical image analysis.

He had previously worked in the Biomedical Signal Processing Group at the University of Oxford (2000-2002) as a research assistant, processing signals from the heart (ECG) and the brain (EEG), and their application in diagnosis.