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Recent advances in terahertz technology for biomedical applications

	author = {Qiushuo Sun and Yuezhi He and Kai Liu and Shuting Fan and Edward P. J. Parrott and Emma Pickwell-MacPherson},
	title = {Recent advances in terahertz technology for biomedical applications},
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	abstract = {Terahertz instrumentation has improved significantly in recent years such that THz imaging systems have become more affordable and easier to use. THz systems can now be operated by non-THz experts greatly facilitating research into many potential applications. Due to the non-ionising nature of THz light and its high sensitivity to soft tissues, there is an increasing interest in biomedical applications including both in-vivo and ex-vivo studies. Additionally, research continues into understanding the origin of contrast and how to interpret terahertz biomedical images. This short review highlights some of the recent work in these areas and suggests some future research directions.},
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