Vol 6, No 6 (December 2016): Musculoskeletal Imaging

Posted On 2017-05-04 22:30:48

This special issue on musculoskeletal imaging is guest-edited by Dr. Edwin H. G. Oei, Erasmus MC, University Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It highlights current topics in the field of quantitative musculoskeletal imaging, both from a scientific and clinical perspective, contributed by world-renowned experts. I believe the authors have succeeded in covering a wide range of quantitative morphometric and compositional methods acquired with a balanced mix of established and novel imaging modalities such as radiography, ultrasound, CT, MR imaging and PET/MR, applied to various musculoskeletal diseases affecting tissues such as bone, cartilage, tendon, muscle and meniscus. New developments in image analysis that may identify additional quantitative biomarkers are also featured.

We hope that this issue will be informative for the reader and may serve as an up-to-date source of inspiration for imaging researchers and clinical radiologists alike to further advance the development and application of quantitative imaging biomarkers in musculoskeletal diseases.