Vol 10, No 9 (September 2020): Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery

Original Article

Single-center study: dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasound in the diagnostic assessment of carotid body tumors
Vincent Schwarze, Constantin Marschner, Giovanna Negrao De Figueiredo, Michael Ingrisch, Johannes Rübenthaler, Dirk-André Clevert
Diagnostic interchangeability of deep convolutional neural networks reconstructed knee MR images: preliminary experience
Naveen Subhas, Hongyu Li, Mingrui Yang, Carl S. Winalski, Joshua Polster, Nancy Obuchowski, Kenji Mamoto, Ruiying Liu, Chaoyi Zhang, Peizhou Huang, Sunil Kumar Gaire, Dong Liang, Bowen Shen, Xiaojuan Li, Leslie Ying
Impaired cerebral hemodynamics in late-onset depression: computed tomography angiography, computed tomography perfusion, and magnetic resonance imaging evaluation
Jinhong Wang, Renren Li, Meng Liu, Zhiyu Nie, Lingjing Jin, Zheng Lu, Yunxia Li
Influence of feature calculating parameters on the reproducibility of CT radiomic features: a thoracic phantom study
Ying Li, Guanghua Tan, Mark Vangel, Jonathan Hall, Wenli Cai
Evaluation of peri-prosthetic radiolucent lines surrounding the cementless femoral stem using digital tomosynthesis with metal artifact reduction: a cadaveric study in comparison with radiography and computed tomography
Hao Tang, Xingjian Huang, Xiaoguang Cheng, Dejin Yang, Yong Huang, Yixin Zhou
Image-localized body surface marking for the intraoperative localization of pulmonary ground-glass nodules
Pengliang Xu, Xiuhua Peng, Wenhui Li, Huanming Yu
Clinical utility of combined T2-weighted imaging and T2-mapping in the detection of prostate cancer: a multi-observer study
Chau Hung Lee, Matthias Taupitz, Patrick Asbach, Julian Lenk, Matthias Haas
Simultaneous acoustic radiation force imaging and MR thermometry based on a coherent echo-shifted sequence
Yangzi Qiao, Chao Zou, Chuanli Cheng, Changjun Tie, Qian Wan, Hao Peng, Dong Liang, Xin Liu, Hairong Zheng
Feasibility and reproducibility of a cardiovascular magnetic resonance free-breathing, multi-shot, navigated image acquisition technique for ventricular volume quantification during continuous exercise
Pei G. Chew, Peter P. Swoboda, Carrie Ferguson, Pankaj Garg, Abigail L. Cook, Said Ibeggazene, Louise A. E. Brown, Thomas P. Craven, James R. Foley, Graham J. Fent, Christopher E. Saunderson, David M. Higgins, Sven Plein, Karen M. Birch, John P. Greenwood
COVID-19 pneumonia: microvascular disease revealed on pulmonary dual-energy computed tomography angiography
Franck Grillet, Andreas Busse-Coté, Paul Calame, Julien Behr, Eric Delabrousse, Sébastien Aubry