Vol 10, No 1 (January 2020): Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery


Quantitative imaging of the clearance systems in the eye and the brain
Wenyu Deng, Crystal Liu, Carlos Parra, Jeffrey R. Sims, Muneeb A. Faiq, Anoop Sainulabdeen, Hana Song, Kevin C. Chan

Original Article

Assessment of left ventricular myocardial work in Turner syndrome patients: insights from the novel non-invasive pressure-strain loop analysis method
Felix Sebastian Oberhoffer, Hashim Abdul-Khaliq, Anna-Maria Jung, Michael Zemlin, Tilman R. Rohrer, Mohamed Abd El Rahman
Tumor motion tracking based on a four-dimensional computed tomography respiratory motion model driven by an ultrasound tracking technique
Lai-Lei Ting, Ho-Chiao Chuang, Ai-Ho Liao, Chia-Chun Kuo, Hsiao-Wei Yu, Hsin-Chuan Tsai, Der-Chi Tien, Shiu-Chen Jeng, Jeng-Fong Chiou
Prostate cancer evaluation using PET quantification in 68Ga-PSMA-11 PET/MR with attenuation correction of bones as a fifth compartment
Liran Domachevsky, Natalia Goldberg, Miguel Gorenberg, Hanna Bernstine, David Groshar, Onofrio A. Catalano
Characterization of limb lymphedema using the statistical analysis of ultrasound backscattering
Ya-Lun Lee, Yen-Ling Huang, Sung-Yu Chu, Wen-Hui Chan, Ming-Huei Cheng, Ying-Hsiu Lin, Tu-Yung Chang, Chih-Kuang Yeh, Po-Hsiang Tsui
Rapid determination of internal strains in soft tissues using an experimentally calibrated finite element model derived from magnetic resonance imaging
Dong Hwan E. Yoon, Christian I. Weber, Garrett W. D. Easson, Kaitlyn S. Broz, Simon Y. Tang
High-frequency ultrasound deformation imaging for adult zebrafish during heart regeneration
Chen Ho-Chiang, Hsin Huang, Chih-Chung Huang
Characterizing optical coherence tomography speckle fluctuation spectra of mammary organoids during suppression of intracellular motility
Lin Yang, Xiao Yu, Ashley M. Fuller, Melissa A. Troester, Amy L. Oldenburg
Ultrasound assessment in psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and psoriasis vulgaris (non-PsA): which sites are most commonly involved and what features are more important in PsA?
Yuanjiao Tang, Shan Cheng, Yujia Yang, Xi Xiang, Liyun Wang, Lingyan Zhang, Li Qiu
Cervical vertebral maturation (CVM) stage as a supplementary indicator for the assessment of peak height velocity (PHV) in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS)
Yuancheng Zhang, Shibin Shu, Qi Gu, Zhen Liu, Zezhang Zhu, Yong Qiu, Hongda Bao
Assessment of lumbar paraspinal muscle activation using fMRI BOLD imaging and T2 mapping
Yi-Long Huang, Jia-Long Zhou, Yuan-Ming Jiang, Zhen-Guang Zhang, Wei Zhao, Dan Han, Bo He
Vascular branching geometry relating to portal hypertension: a study of liver microvasculature in cirrhotic rats by X-ray phase-contrast computed tomography
Mengyu Sun, Wenjuan Lv, Xinyan Zhao, Lili Qin, Yuqing Zhao, Xiaohong Xin, Jianbo Jian, Xiaodong Chen, Chunhong Hu
Association of thigh and paraspinal muscle composition in young adults using chemical shift encoding-based water–fat MRI
Egon Burian, Stephanie Inhuber, Sarah Schlaeger, Michael Dieckmeyer, Elisabeth Klupp, Daniela Franz, Dominik Weidlich, Nico Sollmann, Maximilian Löffler, Ansgar Schwirtz, Ernst J. Rummeny, Claus Zimmer, Jan S. Kirschke, Dimitrios C. Karampinos, Thomas Baum
Comparison of ovarian torsion between pregnant and non-pregnant women at reproductive ages: sonographic and pathological findings
Jie-Ling Feng, Ju Zheng, Ting Lei, Yong-Jian Xu, Hui Pang, Hong-Ning Xie
Volumetric reduction of cerebellar lobules associated with memory decline across the adult lifespan
Dong Cui, Li Zhang, Fenglian Zheng, Huiqin Wang, Qingjian Meng, Wen Lu, Zhipeng Liu, Tao Yin, Jianfeng Qiu
BIGDOSE: software for 3D personalized targeted radionuclide therapy dosimetry
Tiantian Li, Licheng Zhu, Zhonglin Lu, Na Song, Ko-Han Lin, Greta S. P. Mok
Quantitative ultrashort echo time magnetization transfer (UTE-MT) for diagnosis of early cartilage degeneration: comparison with UTE-T2* and T2 mapping
Jiawei Yang, Hongda Shao, Yajun Ma, Lidi Wan, Yixuan Zhang, Junjie Jiang, Jiang Du, Guangyu Tang
Quantitative X-ray fluorescence imaging of gold nanoparticles using joint L1 and total variation regularized reconstruction
Junwei Shi, Blaine Granger, Keying Xu, Yidong Yang
The diagnostic accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging in predicting pathologic complete response after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with different molecular subtypes of breast cancer
Xinfeng Zhang, Dandan Wang, Zhuangkai Liu, Zheng Wang, Qiang Li, Hong Xu, Bin Zhang, Ting Liu, Feng Jin
Assessment of common extensor tendon elasticity in patients with lateral epicondylitis using shear wave elastography
Bihui Zhu, Yingqi You, Xi Xiang, Liyun Wang, Li Qiu
Longitudinal volume changes of hippocampal subfields and cognitive decline in Parkinson’s disease
Rui Xu, Xiaofei Hu, Xiaomei Jiang, Yanling Zhang, Jian Wang, Xianchun Zeng
An unsupervised semi-automated pulmonary nodule segmentation method based on enhanced region growing
He Ren, Lingxiao Zhou, Gang Liu, Xueqing Peng, Weiya Shi, Huilin Xu, Fei Shan, Lei Liu
Histological grades of rectal cancer: whole-volume histogram analysis of apparent diffusion coefficient based on reduced field-of-view diffusion-weighted imaging
Yang Peng, Hao Tang, Xiaoyan Meng, Yaqi Shen, Daoyu Hu, Ihab Kamel, Zhen Li
Effects of the LHPP gene polymorphism on the functional and structural changes of gray matter in major depressive disorder
Lingling Cui, Fei Wang, Zhiyang Yin, Miao Chang, Yanzhuo Song, Yange Wei, Jing Lv, Yifan Zhang, Yanqing Tang, Xiaohong Gong, Ke Xu
Evaluation of 3D multi-contrast carotid vessel wall MRI: a comparative study
Hanyu Wei, Miaoqi Zhang, Yunduo Li, Xihai Zhao, Gador Canton, Jie Sun, Dongxiang Xu, Zechen Zhou, Shuo Chen, Marina S. Ferguson, Thomas S. Hatsukami, Rui Li, Chun Yuan
Percutaneous mechanical atherothrombectomy using the Rotarex®S device in peripheral artery in-stent restenosis or occlusion: a French retrospective multicenter study on 128 patients
Romaric Loffroy, Nizam Edriss, Gilles Goyault, Alain Chabanier, Jean-Marc Pernes, Antoine Sauguet, Mehdi Touil, Bernard Woerly, Dionyssios Pongas, Olivier Chevallier, Nicolas Falvo, Christophe Galland, Marco Midulla, Nathalie Garnier, Marie-Pierre Guenfoudi, Mathieu Boulin, Serge Aho-Gléglé, Stéphanie Bost

Review Article

Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging of primary cardiac tumors
Xiaodan Li, Yan Chen, Jiayi Liu, Lei Xu, Yu Li, Dongting Liu, Zhonghua Sun, Zhaoying Wen