Vol 6, No 1 (February 2016): Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery (Clinical and Technical Advances on Lung Imaging)

Original Article

Comparison of dual energy subtraction chest radiography and traditional chest X-rays in the detection of pulmonary nodules
Farheen Manji, Jiheng Wang, Geoff Norman, Zhou Wang, David Koff
Role of quantitative computed tomography texture analysis in the differentiation of primary lung cancer and granulomatous nodules
Carole Dennie, Rebecca Thornhill, Vineeta Sethi-Virmani, Carolina A. Souza, Hamid Bayanati, Ashish Gupta, Donna Maziak
Lung nodule segmentation in chest computed tomography using a novel background estimation method
Pablo G. Cavalcanti, Shahram Shirani, Jacob Scharcanski, Crystal Fong, Jane Meng, Jane Castelli, David Koff
Arterial input function placement effect on computed tomography lung perfusion maps
Laura Jimenez-Juan, Hatem Mehrez, Chris Dey, Shabnam Homampour, Anastasia Oikonomou, Fatima Ursani, Narinder Paul
The use of isodose levels to interpret radiation induced lung injury: a quantitative analysis of computed tomography changes
Miriam A. Knoll, Mary Salvatore, Ren Dih Sheu, Abraham D. Knoll, Sarah L. Kerns, Yeh-Chi Lo, Kenneth E. Rosenzweig
T1 characteristics of interstitial pulmonary fibrosis on 3T MRI—a predictor of early interstitial change?
Saeed Mirsadraee, Matthew Tse, Lucy Kershaw, Scott Semple, Nicola Schembri, Calvin Chin, John T. Murchison, Nik Hirani, Edwin J. R. van Beek
Quantitative volumetric assessment of pulmonary involvement in patients with systemic sclerosis
Mehmet Güli Çetinçakmak, Cemil Göya, Cihad Hamidi, Güven Tekbaş, Özlem Abakay, İbrahim Batmaz, Salih Hattapoğlu, Alpaslan Yavuz, Aslan Bilici
Differentiating inflamed and normal lungs by the apparent reaction rate constants of lactate dehydrogenase probed by hyperpolarized 13C labeled pyruvate
He N. Xu, Stephen Kadlececk, Hoora Shaghaghi, Huaqing Zhao, Harilla Profka, Mehrdad Pourfathi, Rahim Rizi, Lin Z. Li
1H-MR imaging of the lungs at 3.0 T
Sergei I. Obruchkov, Michael D. Noseworthy

Review Article

Quantitative computed tomography imaging of airway remodeling in severe asthma
Philippe A. Grenier, Catalin I. Fetita, Pierre-Yves Brillet


This focused issue “Clinical and Technical Advances on Lung Imaging” was commissioned by the editorial office, Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery without any sponsorship or funding. David A. Koff served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the focused issue.