Precompensation for mutual coupling between array elements in parallel excitation

Yong Pang, Xiaoliang Zhang


Parallel transmission or excitation has been suggested to perform multi-dimensional spatial selective excitation to shorten the pulse width using a coil array and the sensitivity information. The mutual coupling between array elements has been a critical technical issue in RF array designs, which can cause artifacts on the excitation profile, leading to degraded excitation performance and image quality. In this work, a precompensation method is proposed to address the mutual coupling effect in parallel transmission by introducing the mutual coupling coefficient matrix into the RF pulses design procedure of the parallel transmission. 90° RF pulses have been designed using both the original transmit SENSE method and the proposed precompensation method for RF arrays with non-negligible mutual coupling, and their excitation profiles are generated by simulating the Bloch equation. The results show that the mutual coupling effect can be effectively compensated by using the proposed method, yielding enhanced tolerance to insufficient mutual decoupling of RF arrays in parallel excitation, ultimately, providing improved performance and accuracy of parallel excitation.