Strengths and limitations of tractography methods to identify the optic radiation for epilepsy surgery

Ylva Lilja, Daniel T. Nilsson


Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) tractography (TG) can visualize Meyer’s loop (ML), providing important information for the epilepsy surgery team, both for preoperative counseling and to reduce the frequency of visual field defects after temporal lobe resection (TLR). This review highlights significant steps in the TG process, specifically the processing of raw data including choice of TG algorithm and the interpretation and validation of results. A lack of standardization of TG of the optic radiation makes study comparisons challenging. We discuss results showing differences between studies and uncertainties large enough to be of clinical relevance and present implications of this technique for temporal lobe epilepsy surgery. Recent studies in temporal lobe epilepsy patients, employing TG intraoperatively, show promising results in reduction of visual field defects, with maintained seizure reduction.