Focus on China: should clinicians engage in research? and lessons from other countries

Zhongheng Zhang, Gavin P. Winston, Hai-Tao Zhao, Edwin H.G. Oei, Qiyong Ai, Romaric Loffroy, Ting Lin, Yaxing Shen, Chin K. Ng, Hua Liu, A. Cahid Civelek, Zhijun Han, Yong-Ming He, Ling-Yan Ji, Yi-Xiáng J. Wáng


Following tremendous economic progress, society in China is also undergoing fundamental changes, as is the healthcare system. Currently the training of Chinese young doctors and their future work placement are all undergoing re-structuring. We compiled some thoughts and opinions on the topic of ‘should clinicians in China engage in research?’, and publish them as a special report in this issue of Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery (QIMS). The contributors included some editorial members of this journal, and a few personal friends. Besides a few minor linguistic corrections, opinions from the contributors have not been edited, as we want authors’ to write their own independent views. However, it is possible there is a selection bias of the contributors of this paper; more likely those who are interested in the medical research are selected and therefore the views of the contributors may not be generalizable. To compare the structure and funding of China with other countries, authors from UK, The Netherlands, France, and USA are also invited.