Traumatic ectopic dislocation of testis: an easily overlooked occurrence of blunt injury in polytrauma patients

Marc Lenfant, Agate Escoffier, Olivier Chevallier, Pierre-Olivier Comby, Louis Danan, Julie Hardy, Romaric Loffroy


Blunt scrotal injuries are more and more frequent (1-5). Testicular dislocation is an uncommon complication, often due to a direct trauma to the fuel tank in motorcycle accident (6-9). Currently, there is no consensus in radiological, medical and surgical management of such a setting. We report a case of pubic testicular dislocation in a high velocity highway motorcycle accident. Although theoretically accessible to clinical diagnosis, the intensive care of these polytrauma patients often lead to a dramatic diagnosis delay. Early recognition of the radiological signs of testicular dislocation is essential to allow an emergency surgical management, necessary to preserve the normal spermatogenic function in the dislocated testis.