Germ cell tumors in male patients without gonadal involvement: computed tomography/magnetic resonance imaging findings and diagnostic workflow

Serena Dell’Aversana, Milena Coppola, Valeria Romeo, Lorenzo Ugga, Luisa Piccin, Cesare Sirignano, Alessandra D’Amico, Ernesto Soscia, Elide Matano, Francesco Paolo D’Armiento, Marialaura Del Basso De Caro, Luigi Camera, Simone Maurea


Extragonadal germ cell tumors (EGCTs) represent 1% to 5% of all germ cell tumors (GCTs) (1). Morphological type includes mature/immature teratoma, seminoma, yolk sac tumor, embryonal carcinoma, choriocarcinoma and mixed gonadal GCTs.