Article Abstract

IMAge/enGINE: a freely available software for rapid computation of high-dimensional quantification

Authors: Ming Yang, Yaping Yan, He Wang


Background: High-dimensional image data including diffusion weighted imaging, diffusion tensor imaging and dynamic imaging are important in exploring the connectivity, cellularity, pharmacokinetic and blood supply. IMAge/enGINE is software especially designed for high-dimensional medical image computing.
Methods: IMAge/enGINE is implemented based on open-source and cross-platform tools such as Qt, ITK and VTK. It processes the high-dimensional image data in a slice-by-slice computation mechanism. For computational efficiency, C++ is used for implementing IMAge/enGINE and multi-thread computing is handled in the scale of voxels. The architecture of IMAge/enGINE is modularized for easier extension.
Results: IMAge/enGINE has following features: (I) IMAge/enGINE is free for research use; (II) it has an easy-to-use graphic user interface designed for clinical users without programming or engineering background; (III) its frame work is open-source and extensible. Developers can implement algorithms as modules and integrate them into IMAge/enGINE or generate their own application.
Conclusions: The source of IMAge/enGINE is hosted at Multiple diffusion and perfusion models are implemented and integrated into IMAge/enGINE and its binaries can be downloaded freely at