Article Abstract

CT cinematic rendering for photorealistic visualization in pelvic primary tumors

Authors: Jun Yang, Kun Li, Huiyuan Deng, Jun Feng, Yong Fei, Yiren Jin, Chengde Liao, Qinqing Li


Pelvic tumors can be both complicated and challenging, and computed tomography (CT) has played an important role in the diagnosis and treatment planning of this condition. Cinematic rendering (CR) is a new method of 3D imaging using CT volumetric data. Unlike traditional 3D methods, CR uses the global illumination model to produce high-definition surface details and shadow effects to generate photorealistic images. In this pictorial review, a series of primary pelvic tumor cases are presented to demonstrate the potential value of CR relative to conventional volume rendering (VR). This technique holds great potential in disease diagnosis, preoperative planning, medical education and patient communication.