Article Abstract

Clinical utilities of quantitative ultrasound in osteoporosis associated with inflammatory rheumatic diseases

Authors: Win Min Oo, Vasikaran Naganathan, Myat Thae Bo, David J. Hunter


Secondary osteoporosis is an important co-morbidity related to inflammatory rheumatic diseases that is attributed to several factors including inflammatory cytokines, inactivity and glucocorticoid treatment. Quantitative ultrasound (QUS) has been utilized in osteoporosis research due to its detectability of bone density as well as bone quality. The current narrative review is to address the potential utilities of QUS in secondary osteoporosis of inflammatory rheumatic diseases, focusing on the clinical aspects of QUS in these diseases, based on the conformity of QUS with dual emission X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), the relationship with disease characteristics, and its capability of fracture prediction. Although limited data demonstrate that QUS had moderate to strong correlation with DXA, and might be useful as a potential imaging tool to screen for osteoporosis, further research is still required for QUS to be utilized effectively for the best outcome in these patients with rheumatic diseases.