Article Abstract

Esophageal bezoar after repeated fundoplications

Authors: Yonko Petrov Georgiev, Anatoly Georgiev Karashmalakov, Georgi Krasimirov Zafirov


Bezoars are conglomerates of indigestible material that is ingested, trapped in the gastrointestinal tract. Concerning the material that ingredients the bezoar they can be divided into four types: phytobezoars, trichobezoars, pharmacobezoars and lactobezoars (1). The main reason for formation of esophageal bezoar is malfunction of lower esophageal sphincter, motility disorders or structural abnormalities including lower esophageal stenosis (2). Various management strategies have been proposed including endoscopic fragmentation and extraction (3-6), pancreatic enzymes and Coca-Cola digestion (4-6), and in refractory case surgical removal (3,6).