Unilateral left pulmonary vein atresia: radiologic findings in an adult case

Yang Wang, Yi Ma, Baoxin Li, Guochu Qin, Zhengyang Zhou, Bin Zhu


An 18-year-old young man who had been physically healthy presented with cough and fever after cold. A nonenhanced chest CT scan showed a small left hemithorax with thickened interlobular lines as well as a mild ipsilateral mediastinal shift (Figure 1). Contrast-enhanced CT angiography revealed a small left pulmonary artery (LPA) with poor contrast enhancement compared with the right pulmonary artery. No pulmonary veins were identified on the left side, but abundant collateral vessels reflecting the mal-distribution of blood flow were noted. Posterior view of volume-rendered image of the LPA found the left border of the left atrium was smooth, without evidence of rudimentary pulmonary veins (Figure 2).