Article Abstract

Transcatheter embolization of a large aberrant systemic artery to an intralobar pulmonary sequestration using an Amplatzer vascular plug in an adolescent

Authors: Pierre-Emmanuel Berthod, Olivier Chevallier, Pierre Pottecher, Sophie Gehin, Emmanuel Sapin, Romaric Loffroy


Pulmonary sequestration is a rare congenital malformation. It consists in the existence of an aberrant systemic artery, responsible for the blood supply of a lung area, instead of its functional pulmonary feeding (1). The sequestrated parenchyma in not functional and may lead to different complications, such as infections, dyspnea, chest pain or bleeding. A treatment is necessary to reduce this risk. The aim of this case report is to show the possibility of endovascular embolization procedure with Amplatzer vascular plug (AVP) for the treatment of this condition.


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