Endovascular management of a giant symptomatic gluteal artery aneurysm with selective arterial embolization

Valentin Crespy, Olivier Chevallier, Joaquim Dominguez, Caroline Kazadjian, Eric Steinmetz, Pierre Pottecher, Romaric Loffroy


A 78-year-old female presented to our department with pain and swelling in the left gluteal region. Physical examination revealed a large tender swelling in the left gluteal area simulating an abscess. However, pulsation was observed over the swelling that raised the suspicion of a vascular lesion. Therefore, contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) was done before trying any intervention. The scan demonstrated a large aneurysm originating from the left superior gluteal artery measuring 65 mm × 38 mm with a small intra-pelvic component and large extra-pelvic component in the gluteal area (Figure 1).