Call for papers

Published: 2011-08-23
Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery (Print ISSN 2223-4292; Online ISSN 2223-4306; QIMS) is calling authors to submit papers to this multi-disciplinary journal. The suitable submissions will be published alongside a number of papers already promised by an international group of authors. The diverse experience of the editorial board members allows us lends their expertise to a broad spectrum of subjects on quantitative imaging and their application in clinical medicine. For detailed type, style, format of manuscripts, please see author instructions on the website, or e-mail to: or QIMS aims to be an interface between medical physics, bioengineering, and clinical medicine. This journal encourages authors to look at the medical images from a quantitative angle, including semi-quantitative scoring. The journal publishes technical papers dealing with medical imaging, and clinical and biological papers with imaging components. The journal particularly encourages submission of papers on developing and validation of imaging biomarkers, and clinical trials using imaging biomarkers. The journal also publishes papers on developing cellular and molecular imaging techniques. High quality review papers are warmly welcomed as well. Titles for the coming issues of QIMS * Editorial: Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery. YX Wang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, & CK Ng, University of Louisville, United States. * Parameter Estimation in Arterial Spin Labeling MRI: Comparing the Four Phase Model and the Buxton Model with Fourier Transform. J Ji, Texas A&M University, United States. * Investigation of multichannel phased array performance for fetal MR imaging at 1.5T. XL Zhang, University of California at San Francisco, United States. * Mutual coupling precompensation in parallel transmission of MR imaging. XL Zhang, University of California at San Francisco, United States. * Towards fast and accurate temperature mapping with PRF-based MR thermometry. J Yuan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR. * Updates on Terahertz imaging and Spectroscopy. E MacPherson, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR * Dual-phase PET in diagnosis of solid pulmonary nodules: A primary study in 28 patients. Shenzhen People’s Hospital, China. * Sodium MRI in lung cancer: a technical note. C Fink, University Medical Center Mannheim, Germany * Pancreatic paraganglioma: a case report of CT manifestations and literature review. Nanjing University. * Images of the issue: Demonstration of an inconspicuous right diaphragmatic hernia in a blunt trauma patient using CT multi-planar reformation. JS Gong, Shenzhen People’s Hospital, China.